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We would like, in our time, to be able to pronounce words full of meaning to alleviate the fear of many; we would like to be able to give gifts without measure to reach the needs of all; we would like to be close to all those who no longer have hope to support them in their pain.


And, instead, we find ourselves poor, lost in continuous news that leaves us perplexed, unprepared, confused and deceived by men blinded by power, poor fools and masters of nothingness.


Begging for meaning, let us reach the only place where history has found full meaning, where every human situation has been assumed by the Mystery, the hinge of the only salvation.


Let us find ourselves in front of that manger in Bethlehem, with the same astonished and enraptured gaze of Francis of Assisi who wanted to see with his own eyes the "prodigy" of Christmas.


May the God-made-child who has inspired poets and artists down the centuries also inspire our lives, the life of the world. May he reach the frightened youth; the abandoned elderly; the families made up of a mother and father who are unjustly targeted against the culture and find themselves continuously defending their role as the true foundation of society; the many -- too many -- sick individuals who ask for consolation; and children, with their dreams capable of bringing smiles, may they witness in the love of their parents the love of God.


May the Holy Child of Bethlehem surprise the logic of power with his unarmed message of peace!


And to all of you who love us and our mission, including those whom, through our work, we have had the honor and pleasure of meeting in person; to those who we've been blessed to get to know better over the past years; to all of you priests and friars who break for us the Bread of Heaven and proclaim the Word ... to you all may this Child bring what your heart desires and may these humble words of ours tell you: thank you.


From the entire Ghirelli family here in Italy, and from our colleagues at Ghirelli in the United States, accept our most sincere wishes for a Holy Christmas and a peaceful New Year in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


— Alessandro & Cinzia Ghirelli

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