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To try and understand the innermost feelings shared by the faithful throughout the world in praying the Holy Rosary, we borrow the precious words of Pope John Paul II appearing in his apostolic letter “Rosarium Virginis Mariae” (2002). There he wrote that the Holy Rosary is a prayer which puts us “in living communion with Jesus through – we might say – the heart of his Mother. At the same time our heart can embrace in the decades of the Rosary all the events that make up the lives of individuals, families, nations, the Church, and all mankind”.

The major revolution that Ghirelli has brought to the Rosary through Rosalet® stems from an ongoing quest to elevate the object’s beauty to magnify its purpose of touching, in a sense, the beauty of prayer by sliding it between the fingers.

What are we referring to? To Rosalet®.


A purely Italian story

Before we start describing this unique jewel, we must recall that – like all pieces created by Ghirelli – it took shape entirely in Italy. From the initial idea to the handmade crafting of each individual detail, which makes all the jewels authentic small masterpieces of craftsmanship, the project is rooted in Italy – the acknowledged cradle of genuine Beauty.

Rosalet® is no exception.

What does it amount to? It is a superb Rosary bracelet suited to any situation that forges an unbreakable bond between Faith and Design. The revolution lies in the new style of experiencing the Rosary, which becomes a part of you: being a bracelet jewel of rare beauty with a striking visual impact, Rosalet® can be worn at all times in contact with the skin to become part of your daily life.

Pure love, unique beauty.

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