The Holy Shroud Rosary


A Rosary that celebrates the memory of the event that changed human history. A masterpiece, which in the perfection of its details, tells the mystery of Holy Saturday, a Rosary that gives timeless emotions.

The creative challenge was to create a path to help contemplate the infinite Love of Jesus in His sorrowful Passion, Death and Resurrection through the elements that characterize the Rosary. The inspiration comes from the Shroud's shocking message of sorrow and Mercy.

For the first time this extraordinary Relic is represented in a highly original Cross. The Rosary joins in the center celebrating the Glory of Jesus in the stunning centerpiece featuring an artistic reproduction of Carl Heinrich Block's masterpiece "The Resurrection of Christ" (1875).

The colors complete the work by celebrating with their colors the Joy for Jesus' triumph over death.

Reproduction of the Holy Shroud with artistic perfection of detail.

Featuring an artistic reproduction of Carl Heinrich Block's masterpiece "The Resurrection of Christ" (1875).

Glass beads in 6 mm size, white and amethyst color. Bohemian glass faceted Our Father beads in 8 mm size in lilac color.

Antique Silver.

Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.