Ghirelli Exclusive Care

EXCLUSIVE CARE - our exclusive warranty policy.

When you buy a Ghirelli creation you become part of our World and our family.

We want to share with you the love and passion for this wonderful instrument of Prayer, be close to you and give you the opportunity to cherish your Ghirelli Rosary over time. This is why we dedicate EXCLUSIVE CARE to our customers - the guarantee dedicated to your Ghirelli rosary.

A Ghirelli rosary is made to last over time.
— Alessandro Ghirelli

What is included in the Warranty?
All our Rosaries are covered by a warranty, valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Ghirelli srl is committed to repairing freely* your Rosary in case of:
  • Broken pearls
  • Crucifix breaking
  • Breaking of the Central Medal
  • Breaking of the Pater Medals
  • Rosary breakage in case of accidental or even inadverted tearing.

The warranty does not cover any inappropriate use or damages due to external agents that may alter its characteristics.

For any additional information please contact us at

* shipping costs to be borne by the sender.

Ghirelli srl reserves the right to assess the damage for the purpose of warranty (please, refer to care instructions).

How to request our Exclusive Care

Contact us at the following email addresses: for Italiy, Europe and Rest of World for USA, Canada and South America

* shipping costs to be borne by the sender.


Care instructions for your rosary

Daily use, contact with the skin, humidity or other situations will naturally wear your Ghirelli Rosary giving it a "lived" look that will be part of you and of your life.
Always use a soft cloth to clean your Ghirelli Rosary, and avoid chemicals as these would damage it.

not suitable for children under 14 years