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 St. Joseph is the “Chosen One” by God to accomplish the greatest mission on the History of Humanity:  the divine plan of human salvation.

The Gospels of Luca and Matthew refer to St. Joseph as descendant of King David, with reference to Virgin Mary and the birth of Jesus. None of his quotes has never been mentioned, but his actions spoke for himself, in a mystic and silent manner, directly to our hearts through his remarkable example.

For a modern contemporary man, the putative father of the Savior is a character difficult to understand, secluded to an apparently marginal role. Nevertheless, we know that, after his Holy wife, there is no one in heaven holier than him.

How is that possible?

In God’s plans, the Patriarch “light of the patriarchs” played a formidable role. The Holy Father, in fact, entrust him the lives of his only begotten Son and his heavenly mother.

Which kind of man must have been St. Joseph to carry such a special duty?


The Humblest

Humility is a virtue often misinterpreted. Primary daughter of the truth.

St. Joseph understood that, in the grace of the concealment, he would have performed God’s plans. And that’s what he did. He never tried to feed his Self. To the contrary, he put himself at service of God’s plan to serve him, overcoming daring trials.

That Divine Child he holds in his arms in several paintings and sculptures, is not his biological son, but it is in all senses and to the highest degree. Jesus as a son, is lovingly submissive to him, as a son would normally do with his parent. We cannot even figure the privilege and the grace of looking after the second person of the Holy Trinity becoming man.

Litanies in his honor do refer to him as “Head of the Alma Family”.

Humbleness makes us accept faithfully even God’s plans less intelligible to our poor eyes.

St. Joseph took seriously his majestic duty, strongly believing that God doesn’t always choose those ones who are capable but makes always capable those who he selects.

Bold and resolute, he acted for the good of his Wife and our little Savior. Since when he embraced the words of the angel revealing him the child that Mary was bearing in her womb was Blessed by Holy Spirit.

The extraordinary humbleness of which he was rich, also made him “the righteous”, “the wisest”, “the most obedient” and “the most loyal”, as per some of the numerous appellations that litanies do attribute to him. Echoed across the centuries such prayers tear the skies until becoming holy incense in front of the Solace of the wretched.

St. Joseph is also a remarkable example for husbands, fathers, and workers.

He had faith, prayed, and worked. He did it with devotion and commitment without forgetting that work shouldn’t dehumanize but build.

He kept his virginity with an angelical chastity, in respect of the divine plans.

Such a remarkable virtue put him on top of the creation, since his soul was pure, his eyes were pure, and pure were his thoughts and longings.

Such a precious lily whose purity terrified the infernal legions so much that a famous short prayer says: Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons, protect us with you mighty staff.

St. Joseph truly loved and made holy all he touched.

We are wondering which heavenly peace ruled in his sacred family: how good would be to all of us meditate such truths and mirror them in our families, despite limits imposed by our misery lives.

May the husbands, and all men widely, mimic the respect through which this holy man accepted the sacred duties assigned him by the Everlasting Father.

As Heavenly Patron,  he is always honored and worshipped by Catholic Church. To the contrary, he is not enough worshipped by the faithful, who should pray him and invoke him with the merciful aim to soothe and free the souls of purgatory.

Let’s all make our little but precious part, let’s emulate such an holy saint and let’s promote his worship, mindful of what he told to St. Teresa from Avila: “I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of (St. Joseph) which he has failed to grant".

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