The Holy Mass Rosary with Oval Glass Black Beads by Ghirelli


This exclusive rosary design from premier Italian rosary maker Ghirelli celebrates the beauty and importance of what Catholics know to be the source and summit of the Christian faith: the Holy Mass. This new rosary features Christ as both the Sacrifice on the Cross and in the Eucharist elevated by his holy priest.

Beads:  Oval glass beads in 6x8 mm size and black color

Crucifix: The front depicts Jesus dying on the cross at Golgotha and on the back, the Eucharistic Jesus whose sacrifice/frosted  is re-presented at every Holy Mass

Centerpiece: The image, depicting in incredible detail "The Resurrection of Christ", a splendid painting from 1875 by Carl Heinrich Bloch, inspires this unique creation by Ghirelli -- a Centerpiece that excites in its beauty and amazes in its artistic precision

Finish: Antique silver

Style: Contemporary

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance