The Dante Rosary

Ghirelli is excited to introduce The Dante Rosary: our latest collaboration with world-renowned sculptor Timothy Schmalz.

To mark the 700th anniversary of the death of Italian poet Dante Alighieri in 2021, Mr. Schmalz re-created all 100 cantos of the epic poem The Divine Comedy into individual sculptures.

Two of these sculptures -- Dante’s vision of the Annunciation described in Purgatory and his vision of the Crucifixion found in Paradise -- have been reimagined as components in The Dante Rosary by the Ghirelli Design Studio.

The Dante Rosary features:
• Highly detailed replicas of Mr. Schmalz's two masterworks in miniature and finished in antique silver
• A unique style of beads representing the imagined vision one might have of both Purgatory and Paradise
• 8mm genuine hematite beads in a satin/matte finish, in grey color, with accent beads of Bohemian glass positioned on either side of the Our Father beads
• 8mm Bohemian glass “Ave” beads offering a swirl effect of gray and white colors, which represent the dark and foggy atmosphere of Purgatory
• Four genuine agate beads in the Our Father position, in black color, which reminds the faithful of the cold and gloomy atmosphere of the Inferno
• Finally, reminding the faithful in Purgatory that their destination is ultimately Paradise, one finds a single Cathedral-style faceted bead in brilliant blue translucent color