Stations of the Cross Chaplet


The continual pursuit of beauty is the Ghirelli® DNA, the new Stations of the Cross Chaplet was created to accompany you in the Contemplation of a prayer that is most powerful because it focuses on the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Every detail is an expression of art, the 14 components retracing the stages that lead Jesus to the Supreme Sacrifice of Himself for our Redemption.
The design is contemporary yet traditional, the beautiful bas-reliefs by artist Michele Ghirelli are meant to help us understand the terrible sufferings of Jesus.
On the front, the cutout effect gives space at the top to the Station number and at the bottom to the iconic logo of the two opposing G's of the Ghirelli® brand.
On the reverse side the description of the Station to aid recitation.
The Cross celebrates the Resurrection with the stunning artistic reproduction of Carl Heinrich Block's masterpiece "The Resurrection of Christ" (1875)

Beauty is not enough in a creation that was created to aid Prayer and Meditation, and right here is the genius insight of the Ghirelli┬«´ŞĆ team, the little QR Code placed in the back, frame it and ....Let Jim Caviezel or Jonathan Roumie accompany you as you meditate on each moment of Jesus' Way of the Cross.*



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"Resurrection" Crucifix, antique silver plated finish.

With QR code linking to Hallow® App and image of the Risen Christ, antique silver plated finish.

7x5mm made in Italian Olive Wood Beads.

With contemporary design and artistic bas-reliefs, silver plated finish.

Antique Silver.

Ghirelli® Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.

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