Faith's Charm compatible with this model.

When design meets Prayer.

For the first time, Ghirelli has created a full rosary that can be worn as a fine piece of fine jewelry. The ROSALET® in precious metals with a patented clasp design and technology within each Crucifix, is unlike any Rosary or any bracelet that has gone before.This new creative design allows you to wear your rosary so you are never without it. The beads move flawlessly across the chain when using them in prayer.


  • CRUCIFIX: with double safety button. Is an original patented design & technology in .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating. The Ghirelli Family name on the reverse signifies authenticity and 100% Made in Italy with one-of-a-kind Ghirelli® craftsmanship.  
  • ROSARY CENTER: .925 Sterling Silver 925 - Rhodium-plated with room for custom engraving for a special gift. - Finely crafted Miraculous Medal in .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated, insert by hand.
  • PATER "Our Father/Glory" Beads: 4mm .925 Sterling Silver round beads Dark Ruthenium plating with endcaps to differentiate them from the Ave beads when praying.
  • AVE "Hail Mary" Beads:  4x4mm Genuine Hematite Cube beads with silver finish.
  • CHAIN: .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated.
  • RINGS: .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated  hand welded rings.
  • PACKAGING: designed and produced in Italy.
  • SIZING: adjustable to 2 lengths:  Small – 6.5-7” Standard – 7.5-8”

Customer Reviews

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Exquisite Elegance and Spiritual Grace

I am unequivocally enraptured to elucidate upon my encounters with the Ghirelli ROSALET® adorned with Square Rhodium Beads, Sterling Silver, and the enigmatic charm of Dark Ruthenium Pater. My latest acquisition, marking the third of such esteemed pieces within my collection, not only signifies a recurring patronage but a deep-seated reverence for the artistry and divine inspiration manifest within each piece.
The process of procurement from Ghirelli transcended mere transactional exchange; it was imbued with an aura of elegance, from the gracious offer of complimentary shipping for purchases exceeding the sum of 100 € to the exquisite packaging that speaks volumes of Italian craftsmanship's legacy.

The ROSALET® that graced my possession was a testament to the unparalleled dedication to excellence characteristic of the House of Ghirelli. The crucifix, boasting a novel double safety button mechanism, is the epitome of innovation, marrying functionality with spiritual gravitas. This patented design coupled with the esteemed Ghirelli Family's signature etched upon its reverse, heralds the authenticity and singular craftsmanship that is meticulously 'Made in Italy'.
In delving deeper into the construction of this sacred ornament, the use of .925 Sterling Silver enveloped in Rhodium plating, for not just the chain and rings but extending to the rosary center, is a clear testament to Ghirelli's commitment to luxurious refinement and durability. The dark ruthenium-plated ‘Pater’ beads stand in distinguished contrast, their endcaps a thoughtful detail that aids in meditative prayer. Furthermore, the incorporation of genuine Hematite cube beads, finished with silver, augments the ROSALET®'s allure, transforming it into a beacon of faith and a paragon of sartorial elegance.
What sets this creation apart is its ingenious synthesis of devout utility with the aesthetic splendor of haute joaillerie. To adorn oneself with Ghirelli’s ROSALET® is to carry one's faith with a grace and dignity hitherto unseen. The beads, in their harmonious movement across the chain, facilitate not merely an act of prayer but an experience of transcendental elegance.
The ingenuity of Ghirelli's patented clasp design and the authenticity guaranteed by the Ghirelli family's insignia affirm this piece not as mere jewelry but as a legacy of devotion, a testament to an unwavering commitment to beauty, quality, and spiritual profundity, crafted in the heart of Italy.
To envisage Ghirelli's ROSALET® as merely an object of personal adornment would be an underestimation; it is a vessel of faith, a talisman of profound spiritual resonance. Whether acquired for oneself or bequeathed as a gift — enhanced by the possibility of customized engraving — this ROSALET® stands as a symbolic covenant of devotion and elegance intertwined.
With the utmost sincerity and a heart brimming with gratitude, I extol the virtues of Ghirelli's creation, a confluence of divine inspiration and artisanal excellence. I await with bated breath the opportunity to augment my collection further and unreservedly commend Ghirelli to all those who, in their hearts, cherishingly intertwine the threads of faith with the pursuit of unparalleled craftsmanship.