Saint Therese of Lisieux Rosary, Rose & Mint

Beads: Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size and white color with ice/frosted effect. With faceted Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size and fuchsia color with translucent/mirror effect. Accented with hand-decorated 8mm Lumen Beads.

Crucifix: An artistic masterpiece depicting Jesus on the Cross on a bed of beautiful roses

Centerpiece: A beautiful portrait of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, with great attention to detail. At the foot of the Saint, detailed rosebuds embellished with two red rhinestones

Finish: Antique silver

Style: Classic

Details: Produced with silver bead caps

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance