March 22, 2021 1 min read

"Entrust to Saint Joseph the holy Church so much fought against, so much slandered."

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina to one of his spiritual daughters.

"O dear Saint Joseph, friend and protector of everyone, guardian of Jesus and of all who implore your help. You are great because you obtain from God everything people ask to you.
Please accept my prayer: watch over and protect all families so that they may experience the harmony, unity, faith and love that reigned in the Family of Nazareth. Look with particular tenderness on the families of the unemployed, give them all a job, so that with their work they may create a better world and give praise to God the Creator.
I entrust the Church to you, especially the Pope, the Bishops, the priests and all the missionaries, so that they may feel sustained by your paternity. Who can love them more than you, O dear Saint Joseph?
Protect all consecrated persons so that they may find in your obedience and adherence to the will of God, the example to live in silence, humility and missionary spirit the life of union with God that makes them happy in the fulfillment of the divine will.
The joyful feeling of belonging to God is so great that it has no comparison; full happiness can be found only in God. Saint Joseph, hear my prayer!
Saint John Paul II

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